Creating Systems That Transform Student Outcomes

A collaborative of educational leaders that believe all students have the right to a quality education, adults that support their learning needs, and are provided with timely supports.  

Student Engagement

We build capacity of site to ensure ALL students are engaged, boost their curiosity, and create sparks in learning  

  • Promote Student Agency 
  • Design Highly Engaged Classrooms 
  • Infuse a Growth Mindset that drives achievement


Empowering leaders

We customize Professional Learning per site's needs based on shifting mindsets that result in a shift in actions.  We aim to empower leaders to provide equitable access to a quality education through  the following areas;

  • Establishing an Equity Agenda
  • Shared Leadership: development and support of a Leadership Team
  • Close the 'Implementation Gap'


school culture

A school's climate is a key indicator of student outcomes.  A school's culture determines the level of student achievement, engagement, and ultimately access to postsecondary institutions.  

  • Assess organizational capacity
  • Address Implicit Biases
  • Foster School Culture Norms that promote rather than impede learning


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